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Amino Apps down today. (UTC timezone : 10:04:15)

(Average Rating 2.9 Based on 25 rating)
Most Reported Problems
  1. Server Connection (58%)
  2. Log in (17%)
  3. App (12%)
  4. No Connection (9%)
  5. Download Apps (4%)
Most Reported City
  1. Singapore (53%)
  2. Dresden (24%)
  3. Toronto (12%)
  4. Lisbon (6%)
  5. Lima (6%)

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  • 23-Apr,2021

    Mine not working

  • 23-Mar,2021

    I click on the app and ''Amino has stopped running..'' What can we all do?!

  • 23-Mar,2021

    keeps crashing and shutting off

  • 23-Mar,2021

    Amino keeps stopping, won't even open

  • 23-Mar,2021

    Amino doesn't even download on my phone anymore.

  • 08-Feb,2021
    Log in

    I tried signing in and was told that my account doesn't exist after hitting forgot password even though I can easily search my account under the users tab.

  • 08-Nov,2020
    Server Connection

    Internal server error please fix this!

  • 08-Nov,2020
    Server Connection

    Amino is back down again?! Seriously- Im just gonna tell everyone to get discord and ditch texting on amino-

  • 08-Nov,2020
    Server Connection

    ahh yes, it's been 5 days and were back to this again

  • 08-Nov,2020
    Server Connection

    That moment when Amino's servers break again: Ah shit here we go again

  • 08-Nov,2020
    Server Connection

    When amino is broken again Be like: bruh

  • 04-Nov,2020
    Youtube Don't Work

    Can't put youtube videos on live

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