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Amino Apps down today. (UTC timezone : 07:09:38)

(Average Rating 2.7 Based on 35 rating)
Most Reported Problems
  • Server Connection (57%)
  • Log in (16%)
  • App (13%)
  • No Connection (10%)
  • Download Apps (4%)
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  • California (100%)

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  • 10-May,2022
    Can't Login


  • 03-Sep,2021
    Log in

    it wont let me sign in? i have been using amino for a long time i need help!!!!

  • 01-Sep,2021
    Can't Login

    Does anyone else have problems logging in with their Google or facebook accounts? I click the links but nothing happens

  • 01-Sep,2021
    Log in

    showing unknown when i log in, prolly shouldn't have given it to another server then eh

  • 26-Aug,2021
    Log in

    shows unknown when i log in, bruh amino !

  • 23-Aug,2021

    I can't log in to amino now. It's show unknown when i log in.

  • 27-Jul,2021
    No Connection

    Its completely offline, both on my laptop and in the app. Says 502 or something.

  • 26-Jul,2021
    Log in

    Why is it not working I tried everything and it still won’t work!

  • 23-Jul,2021
    Server Connection

    it says service is unavailable, but then after 10 seconds it says, "logged in on another device" despite the fact that i logged out on all my accounts except for my phone. And when i try to log out on my phone it says "service unavailable"

  • 27-Jun,2021
    No Connection

    Sais I have no connection to wifi, bit clearly I do

  • 23-Apr,2021

    Mine not working

  • 23-Mar,2021

    I click on the app and ''Amino has stopped running..'' What can we all do?!