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This month total 72 Amino Apps down report by user for Server Connection, Not In App Store , All Kinds Of Problems, Not Opening services from United States, United States o, Germany, United Kingdom , France includes from cities like California, Honolulu, Birmingham, Stroudsburg, Shreveport and total 30 problem report only received from California from last 30 days.

Most Reported Problems
  1. Server Connection
  2. Not In App Store
  3. All Kinds Of Problems
  4. Not Opening
Most Reported City
  1. California (79%)
  2. Honolulu (5%)
  3. Birmingham (5%)
  4. Stroudsburg (5%)
  5. Shreveport (5%)

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Find out any problem or issues with amino apps server. Get users amino apps server down or crashed today report from all around the world. Check current amino apps server status with outage per day report. if you also facing any problem with amino apps any service feel free report or comment below.

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  • 30-Mar,2020
    Server Connection

    like is this a joke? Amino needs better serverity. It's hard and raw like this makes this company sucks. the fact that actual company who owns this is China. F-ing Chinese Goverment/Dictator. This is all China's Fualt./

  • 25-Mar,2020
    Log in

    Every time I try to scroll down the page on my chromebook the amino app scrolls back to the top of the page why is that an is this fixable?

  • 22-Mar,2020
    Server Connection

    Every time I try to publish this draft of mine I get a server connection error!!

  • 29-Jan,2020
    Server Connection

    Won't load

  • 13-Jan,2020
    All Kinds Of Problems

    Why is animo not working now

  • 31-Dec,2019
    Server Connection

    I load up amino and when I try to enter my friend amino it says bad connection request timed out!

  • 30-Dec,2019
    Server Connection

    ;-; sis keeps timing out

  • 30-Dec,2019
    Log in

    Come on-

  • 30-Dec,2019
    All Kinds Of Problems

    504 internal error, please fix asap

  • 30-Dec,2019
    Server Connection

    There's something wrong with amino connection! Please help!!

  • 14-Sep,2019
    Server Connection

    Amino ffs kys

  • 14-Sep,2019
    Server Connection

    Can’t check chats