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Antietam Broadband brings you the advantage of our fiber-rich cable technology - big pipes with plenty of bandwidth - which means you get faster, more reliable service.

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  • 19-Aug,2019 Charleston, United States

    Been out for two hours now

  • 31-Jul,2019 Reading, United States

    Was trying to make bets on Smash Ultimate online play when my internet went down. I know I’m not made about this, but please... Antietam... fix this

  • 03-Jul,2019 Elkridge, United States

    They gave back 50% of our bill last month

  • 29-Jun,2019 Elkridge, United States

    The modem and the router are fine and I did a hard restart on the modem but still I still have no internet

  • 21-Jun,2019 Washington, United States

    Internet has been very slow since June 16 and has continued today, Fri. June 21. Antietam will not say what the problem is nor how soon it will be fixed. Bad service! This continues the pattern in May. 21742

  • 18-May,2019 Winchester, United States

    It’s been almost a MONTH. Outrageous. Lots of ANGRY customers.

  • 18-May,2019 Winchester, United States

    It’s down AGAIN and I cannot do my job from home!!!!!!!!!!

  • 18-May,2019 Winchester, United States

    It’s down AGAIN and I cannot do my job from home!!!!!!!!!!

  • 17-May,2019 South Boston, United States

    No internet!

  • 17-May,2019 Reading, United States

    I’ve had many providers in my lifetime and I have to say that Antietam Cable is by far the worst of them all. Service in the

  • 03-May,2019 Hagerstown, United States

    We have to restart the router and modem every 5 minutes.

  • 02-May,2019 Elkridge, United States

    Phone not working at my mother and aunts both live on Pecktonville Road Big Pool Md 21712 one is 13008 the other 12952