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ArcheAge is an MMORPG video game developed by Korean developers from Trion and XLGames.ArcheAge 5.0 Relics of Hiram (Launch Trailer). The time has come to explore long lost mysteries and unlock the new, dark power of Malediction.

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This month total 21 ArcheAge down report by user for Server Connection, Website, Log-in services from United States includes from cities like California and total 30 problem report only received from California from last 30 days.

Most Reported Problems
  1. Server Connection (1)
  2. Website (1)
  3. Log-in (1)
Most City Reported
  1. California (100%)

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  • Th3Kob
    06-Dec,2019 @Th3Kob

    @ArcheAge I like how you reply to the two positive comments, but ignore the 50 negative ones on all of your posts.…

  • LingvallFredrik
    06-Dec,2019 @LingvallFredrik

    @ArcheAge If the problem isn't resolved by Friday, the worst thing that can happen is that we won't be able to play…

  • AkhilBharadhwaj
    05-Dec,2019 @AkhilBharadhwaj

    Is it safe to put down larders now or are there any more bugs you're gonna shut the servers down for in a couple days? #archeage

  • BlackboaBlogs
    05-Dec,2019 @BlackboaBlogs

    Needing a new game to main since @ArcheAge is beginning to let me down a bit. Please don't mention @Albion unless t…

  • PunkLit
    05-Dec,2019 @PunkLit

    @its_Tess @Jessica48363133 @ArcheAge EU and NA are both still down..., don't worry, it's doing that to everyone.

  • BlackBerryTea2
    05-Dec,2019 @BlackBerryTea2

    @ArcheAge Will the EU players get some kind of compensation that the server is down for the day so far? I saved u…

  • Martin_Mendez
    05-Dec,2019 @Martin_Mendez

    @jr10spro @ArcheAge Connectivity issues meaning some people couldn’t connect. So they had to fix it, which means th…

  • Seriniel
    05-Dec,2019 @Seriniel

    @Hitsuji4444 @ArcheAge Do you see those issues on Kr servers ? No. Then it’s safe to assume it’s gamigo fucking up.…

  • SocialFrosty
    05-Dec,2019 @SocialFrosty

    @ArcheAge EU still down. Crashes to desktop after cryengine splash screen.

  • Ikran2010Karl
    05-Dec,2019 @Ikran2010Karl

    @ArcheAge whats happening with EU i carnt log into the game every time i try gets to server screen then game just c…