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ARK: Survival Evolved down today. (UTC timezone : 05:38:43)

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  2. App (35%)
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  • 10-Mar,2021
    Ark EU PVP Rag

    Still down

  • 14-Feb,2021
    No Server Appears

    Crossplay the center 840 xbox

  • 11-Feb,2021

    When at base, fps drops to 4. When not at base fps stays at 30 and above.

  • 07-Nov,2020
    Valguero Servers

    They have been MIA since update

  • 07-Nov,2020
    Valguero Servers

    Haven't been able to access any of the Valguero servers since update, what's going on?

  • 16-Aug,2020
    Log in

    cart see server 90 ragnarok

  • 30-Jul,2020
    Server 940 CI

    940 crystal isles legacy official is down, not in server list.

  • 28-Jun,2020
    Log in

    Pve island 490 down

  • 17-Jun,2020
    Server Connection

    EU PVE Xbox Server 92 is down since 2 days

  • 29-Nov,2019
    Server Connection

    1161 can't login it crashing all the time

  • 23-Nov,2019

    what does ventolin do

  • 15-Nov,2019
    Server Connection

    Ragnarok 956 official pve

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