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Ark: Survival Evolved is an action-adventure survival video game is officially supported only on touchscreen Android devices with at least 3 GB of RAM and up-to-date Vulkan support.

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This month total 56 ARK: Survival Evolved down report by user for Server Connection, Gc85txll, 3882c7cd, Imye41t0, M08fxlc8, Ogtwtp24, 4zyeq4qs, Log-in, 82kmpvr0, 43z282hd services from Russian Federat, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada includes from cities like Saint Petersbur, California, Birmingham, Montreal, Nuremberg and total 31 problem report only received from Saint Petersbur from last 30 days.

Most Reported Problems
  1. Server Connection (1)
  2. Gc85txll (1)
  3. 3882c7cd (1)
  4. Imye41t0 (1)
  5. M08fxlc8 (1)
Most City Reported
  1. Saint Petersbur (53%)
  2. California (40%)
  3. Birmingham (3%)
  4. Montreal (2%)
  5. Nuremberg (2%)

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    @survivetheark bye bye to some more duper and mesher… nice to see the devs trying to fix this huge problem , ty

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    10-Dec,2019 @FlamableImp

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    @survivetheark I’m having an issue with element being stored in dedicated storage... I hade close to 1400 element l…

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    09-Dec,2019 @Sticky_Drawz

    @AustinA87656524 @survivetheark you know this sounds like a you problem... im a ps4 player and i already knew this…

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    @survivetheark just wondering if you guys actually test the shit you put out there for others to play? Because in V…

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    08-Dec,2019 @LumyTv

    @survivetheark Fix the dupe problem on Officials. Dev wiping them arnt going to stop them. u guys need to patch this.

  • LumyTv
    08-Dec,2019 @LumyTv

    @survivetheark U guys need to fix the dupping problem like this should be ur first priority.