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Dauntless is a free-to-play action role-playing video game.

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This month total 21 Dauntless down report by user for Server connection services from United States includes from cities like California and total 30 problem report only received from California from last 30 days.

Most Reported Problems
  1. Server connection (1)
Most City Reported
  1. California (100%)

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  • 08-Sep,2019
    Server connection

    dropped out and not matchmaking again

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    @PlayDauntless @GhooSeYT It's still the same problem, u sure u r trying to fix it?

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    18-Oct,2019 @PWNYplays

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    13-Oct,2019 @WalterHartman77

    @PlayDauntless are xbox console servers down? Just downloaded the game but I keep getting an error occured message…

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    13-Oct,2019 @Tyrone_The_Dank

    @PlayDauntless Not sure if it's a problem for anyone else, but I am unable to get into the servers

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