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Duolingo down today. (UTC timezone : 11:41:49)

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  1. App (52%)
  2. Log in (45%)
  3. Website (3%)
  4. Iphone App No Responsive (1%)
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  • 04-Feb,2020

    Just blank screen!

  • 03-Oct,2019
    Log in

    Duolingo keeps aborting the lesson on my phone and my tablet. I can't progress until it's fixed. Is anyone else having this problem? 10/3/2019 West Coast USA.

  • 24-Jun,2019

    Keep getting message “Could not connect to Duolingo”

  • 24-Jun,2019
    Iphone App No Responsive

    Keep getting message “Duolingo not connecting to server, please try again”

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    @duolingo You fell down to #26! 😨

  • raisedbygaysok

    Started doing Duolingo a month ago and I think I confidently speak Spanish to anyone as long as they’re willing to write everything down.

  • duolingo

    @SuperMad_A Hi there! To confirm, if you drag the grading bar down, do you see a 'o' token in the word bank.

  • duolingo

    @yusuftor We did some testing on your account via the iOS app: I was able to load Basics 1 without any issues. Also…

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    RT @duolingo: When the social media apps are down...you know what to do 👀

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    RT @duolingo: When the social media apps are down...you know what to do 👀

  • Gateador_Gat_

    Duolingo why the fuck do you want me to learn kanji when I barely know katakana like jesus Christ chill down

  • elspah

    @duolingo @yusuftor I have the same problem. Lessons won’t load. Reinstalling and updating didn’t fix it. Scared to…

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    @ponyslaystalion @duolingo @duolingoespanol Can I send your video to them? On @duolingo Support? I need to show them a problem

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