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Frankfort Plant Board provides cable, broadband, telephone, security, electric and water for the city of Frankfort and surrounding areas.

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This month total 14 Frankfort PlantBoard down report by user for Website, XEvil 4.0: Revolution In Auto, Bow services from United States, Lithuania includes from cities like California, Vilnius and total 30 problem report only received from California from last 30 days.

Most Reported Problems
  1. Website (1)
  2. XEvil 4.0: Revolution In Auto (1)
  3. Bow (1)
Most City Reported
  1. California (97%)
  2. Vilnius (3%)

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1 502-352-4372

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  • 20-Nov,2019
    XEvil 4.0: Revolution In Auto

    Hello. Where I can download XEvil for free on your website? Got information from your Support. XEvil is really the best program for captcha solving, but I need latest version of it. Thanks.

  • 12-Nov,2019

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  • 10-Nov,2019

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