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HQ is an app and mobile trivia game, for iOS and later for Android. Players can play for free in daily trivia games through which they can win or split prize money.

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This month total 58 HQ Trivia down report by user for Website services from United States includes from cities like California and total 31 problem report only received from California from last 30 days.

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  1. Website (1)
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  1. California (100%)

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  • QuizzerInTheUK
    17-Nov,2019 @QuizzerInTheUK

    @blackrainbow37 @TeddyMac_ @hqtrivia @hqhelps I would never forget to tag an account if I had hq issues 😗😇👼😜 #mighthavejustredoneatweet

  • PJM143
    16-Nov,2019 @PJM143

    @blackrainbow37 @hqtrivia I MISSED HQ for the 2nd time EVER. No, I mean EVER!! This Pacific Time has me completely…

  • Ganimedes24
    15-Nov,2019 @Ganimedes24

    @mattwasfunny @hqtrivia Glad to hear. What the heck did you consume down there in DR? @Ganimedes24

  • DonatorRk
    15-Nov,2019 @DonatorRk

    @hqtrivia Interesting to see how the graph of hq went down in recent months.

  • down_lizzzz
    15-Nov,2019 @down_lizzzz

    @hqtrivia 10 to the highest power! lizgetquizzical

  • down_lizzzz
    15-Nov,2019 @down_lizzzz

    @sunflowermoon14 @hqtrivia You have to play the daily challenges to earn coins & use coins to buy a points multiplier. Level up real fast 👊😉

  • Kent_Geek
    14-Nov,2019 @Kent_Geek

    @hqtrivia Turning down the sound on the Browns game to play some trivia!

  • Capper77
    14-Nov,2019 @Capper77

    Getting a question wrong in an @hqtrivia daily challenge and going from 50 coins down to 24.

  • cdubb68
    10-Nov,2019 @cdubb68

    @hqtrivia @sharoncarpenter @hqtrivia please pay attention to what your fans are saying. We love the game and want i…

  • DanJBalkwill
    09-Nov,2019 @DanJBalkwill

    @blackrainbow37 @ThinkKopiGaming @hqtrivia @hqhelps The unlock does seem to be basically free (the same Boost on iO…