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  • newhero3s
    06-Dec,2019 @newhero3s

    @Namjoontrans IFUNNY.... I use that app to watch vine edits THATS were they all survived after vine got shut down 😔

  • etothemily1
    06-Dec,2019 @etothemily1

    @iFunny can you please slow down on the features. It's hard to even enjoy your memes 😉

  • sonnyhall89
    05-Dec,2019 @sonnyhall89

    Ifunny how every time we come close to bringing down the system they threaten you so that maybe you will slow down…

  • EthanCucksYou
    04-Dec,2019 @EthanCucksYou

    At some point I have to sit down and realise that I relate to most of the top comments regarding love on iFunny...

  • btsaficionado
    04-Dec,2019 @btsaficionado

    @sillylilvan @ShawOnTwitch @littlestwayne @nudeobama I don’t expect pasty white boy anime fans to care about deep-r…

  • RustyRocketDude
    04-Dec,2019 @RustyRocketDude

    @reddit thanks for banning my posts every time I try to post something no matter what it is. It’s says the bot is m…

  • MEMEY_iFunny
    04-Dec,2019 @MEMEY_iFunny

    RT @jonnabutts: And now, I hereby present what will inevitably go down in history as my greatest contribution to the world: My new license…

  • ZachsDoodles
    03-Dec,2019 @ZachsDoodles

    Writing a diss track on Ifunny comic artists and racists, two very similar groups of people who need to be put down…

  • whoakden
    02-Dec,2019 @whoakden

    @River__Trash first impression: ifunny post your nickname in my head: pink ott closeness ratings [1-10]: 3 do i lik…

  • MEMEY_iFunny
    01-Dec,2019 @MEMEY_iFunny

    @ItsRedFusion And remember to put your voice actor in the comments and then I’ll pick the top 100 Voice actors by m…