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  • 11-Oct,2020
    Online Banking

    Arvest isn't currently updating account balance. Transactions seem to be processing, but my balance isn't correct.

  • 09-Oct,2020
    Opening An Account

    I've tried to open up an account multiple times this morning and when i go to the application part it gives me a code 502 and wont let me go any further

  • 20-Sep,2020

    ATM machines not working

  • 29-Jun,2020

    Tried 2 banks and an arvest atm and could not withdraw or check balance message said cannot complete this transaction at this time

  • 16-May,2020
    App Down

    Uninstalled the App, rebooted the phone, installed app from Google play store, still unable to use.

  • 15-May,2020
    App Down

    Have not been able to log in for a week..called customer service..said only android phones were affected, yet a co worker with an Android can log on..I've never had this problem before until you made me accept your new terms of agreement.

  • 15-Apr,2020
    App Down

    Both mobile app and the website are down

  • 15-Apr,2020
    Log in

    Website won’t work. I’d be better off with a can on a string. ????

  • 15-Apr,2020
    Online Banking

    Down on mobile app and website. Website will not even load, connection error.

  • 15-Apr,2020
    App Down

    All systems down. Can't logging Arvest go can't get on website phone busy

  • 15-Apr,2020
    Online Banking

    no log in available

  • 15-Apr,2020

    Seriously Arvest, you should have planned for this knowing our stimulus checks would be deposited last night