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  • 27-Apr,2021
    Log in

    I haven't been able to log in to the website for days. Would be able to use the app for what I need but the latest upgrade removed most of the important functions.

  • 04-Apr,2021
    Log in

    Can’t check out my money

  • 29-Mar,2021
    Log in

    Have tried for 3 days to move money from subaccount to main account. It keeps saying success and logs me out but nothing has transferred.

  • 27-Mar,2021
    Log in

    Last 3 weeks (all of March 2021), the site cannot transfer from external bank debit card into Bluebird. "Oops something went wrong. Try again later for 3 weeks." No service answer. 3Q/2020, all automated transfers in were shut down.

  • 22-Mar,2021
    Everything Is Down

    Cannot transfer funds from sub account to main. Just says "Success! You have been logged out" Uh. What?

  • 21-Mar,2021
    Money Transfer

    Cant move money from sub acc to main acc. Logs me out

  • 19-Mar,2021
    Money Transfer

    I cannot move money between accounts at all. It logs me out?

  • 18-Mar,2021

    Can’t move money from my savings to checking

  • 17-Mar,2021
    Money Transfer

    Not allowing me to move money around or send

  • 17-Mar,2021
    Log in

    Can remove my money from my account

  • 17-Mar,2021
    Money Transfer

    It’s not allowing me to send money to someone

  • 14-Mar,2021

    I can't access the App, and also have heard people being charged for withdrawals and not receiving any money