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  • California (93%)
  • Nashville (3%)
  • Fort Smith (3%)

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  • 09-Nov,2023

    No Internet most of the day. Now internet is back up with 1/3 speeds UP or DOWN. Frontier needs to get it together. Wasting our money on this ISP far too long. Southern California

  • 23-Oct,2023

    Internet went down this morning and is still out. Rebooted router and still nothing

  • 08-Aug,2023

    Fiber down since last night. Still not working.

  • 14-Jul,2023
    Total Blackout

    No internet at all

  • 26-Jun,2023

    Internet down all day today

  • 22-Jun,2023

    Internet is going in and out, has been for the last four days. The soonest a tech can be out is on July 10th, that makes it over 20 days without internet. Am going to probably switch to another provider.

  • 07-Apr,2023

    No service last 24+ hrs, intermittent before that