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  • 29-Jan,2024
    Video stream

    Unable to resolve host”link.theplatform.eu”.no address associated with host name

  • 09-Feb,2023
    Log in

    being billed twice for service

  • 11-Feb,2022
    Video stream

    Videos don't play.

  • 05-Feb,2022

    It says that services are down I cant subscribe

  • 15-Jan,2022

    When trying to stream it says: "unable to resolve host "link.theplatform.eu" No address associated with hostname".

  • 07-Dec,2021
    Log in

    Log in looping...

  • 04-Nov,2021
    Log in

    server down

  • 24-Aug,2021
    Video stream

    cant watch anything

  • 05-Jul,2021
    Log in

    small picture, cant make it bigger

  • 15-May,2021
    Log in

    I can’t watch anything

  • 14-May,2021

    Services dow..

  • 22-Apr,2021
    Log in

    Won't play any shows