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  • 22-May,2023
    Home Phone

    Yes, Net10 Wireless please waive everyone next monthly payments. Why should your customers continue making monthly payments and for their mobile , internet, home phones and not getting any services. That's a ripoff.

  • 22-May,2023
    Home Phone

    Net10 everyone monthly payments receive free service due to outages, no service, on all our mobile, internet, and home phones, don't deactivate service? I had paid my monthly payments for our home phone on April 25th. One week no service.

  • 18-May,2023
    Home Phone

    Can't make and received calls since 5/20/23.

  • 11-Apr,2023
    Log in

    Phone says no network service

  • 08-Mar,2021
    Mobile Network

    My phone is set on 4g but it shows 3g try to connect to the internet sead no internet connection this has been going on since Feb 2021 I called net 10 sead going to refresh to turn off my phone and back on sead they will call never did

  • 17-Jan,2021
    Mobile phone

    Can't make calls

  • 17-Jan,2021
    Mobile phone

    Can't make calls

  • 17-Jan,2021
    Mobile phone

    Can't use messenger

  • 17-Jan,2021
    Mobile phone

    Can't connect to Internet

  • 15-Aug,2020
    Mobile phone

    No service. Outer banks,nc