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  • 17-Oct,2023

    I did get a phone call at 10:30 am meaning did work for little While then about an half hour later the check tel in use light Started flashing again on my phones..

  • 17-Oct,2023

    The check tel line light is flashing again after my last phone Call last night . I either have a dead phone box or a partial outage in the service area its been this way the last 5 days. Its works for An hour or two and then the light flas

  • 13-Oct,2023

    About 30 minutes after the last phone call the tel in use Light is blinking again in kintnersville . telephone 1 light is Twinkling also and that's supposed to be steady for normal Operations indicating a connection issue of some sort.

  • 13-Oct,2023

    The phone in use light is blinking periodically Indicating a partial outage or a connection Issue of some sort. Its been doing that the last 2 days since Wednesday night

  • 13-Oct,2023

    The check line light is blinking and also On the box the com 1 light is twinkling it Supposed to be steady for normal operations.

  • 13-Oct,2023
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    Phone issue the tel in line light is currently blinking indicating A,partial outage of some sort with the landline phones in kintnersville area..