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Safelink Wireless down today. (UTC timezone : 06:14:57)

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  • 01-Jan,2021
    Mobile phone

    My safelink wireless service or perhaps it's a problem with the phone itself but just keeps dialing number called but doesn't connect, when receiving call I answer but can't hear person calling and friend confirmed can't hear me either..

  • 27-Dec,2020
    Mobile phone

    Its been out since christmas today is the 27... Area code 37303 ...4233331210

  • 26-Dec,2020
    Mobile phone

    My phone continuously says I have no service is active...I use my phone daily....what is going on ...270-244-6970...... zip code 47586

  • 25-Sep,2020
    Log in

    Lost signal never came back zip 35768

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