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Most Reported Problems
  1. Can't Connect (28%)
  2. Log in (24%)
  3. Server connection (20%)
  4. Log-in (15%)
  5. Can't see lives (12%)
Most Reported City
  1. Manchester (27%)
  2. London (24%)
  3. California (22%)
  4. Baltimore (15%)
  5. New Milford (12%)

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  • 07-Jul,2020
    The App

    When I launch yubo sometimes it doesn’t load so I can’t see lives, and if I press to watch a live or look at someone’s profile my app shuts down every time.

  • 06-Jul,2020
    Yubo Quitting

    when ever im checking other profiles or my profiles it quits the app by it self and i have to start it again this happens only in iphone somehow

  • 06-Jul,2020
    Exits Out Of The App

    every time i click to see someones profile,it exits me out of the app.

  • 05-Jul,2020
    Log in

    Can’t join any lives.

  • 30-Jun,2020
    The Whole App

    Lagged out of lives. Not able to see lives. Or anything.

  • 30-Jun,2020
    Can’t Join Lives

    For two days my friends have been trying to invite me to join their lives and I don’t get the invite to join. Yubo needs to step their game up because people will begin to leave if this is happening to them

  • 21-Jun,2020
    Log in

    Messages aren't coming through.

  • 17-Jun,2020
    Log in

    mine is now havin problems. yubo please fix ur damn app tf

  • 17-May,2020
    Server connection

    Keep showing effor on chats message for some reason blocked

  • 17-May,2020
    Can't see lives

    The live stream isn’t working The app keeps showing error user blocked

  • 17-May,2020

    i can’t login lmao

  • 06-May,2020
    Log in

    not letting me sign in, is this happening to any1 else