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Consumer Cellular is an American postpaid mobile virtual network

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This month total 30 Consumer Cellular down report by user for Internet , Voice mail, Phone services from United States includes from cities like California, Raleigh, Salem, Rocky Mount, San Francisco and total 28 problem report only received from California from last 30 days.

Most Reported Problems
  1. Internet (1)
  2. Voice mail (1)
  3. Phone (1)
Most City Reported
  1. California (85%)
  2. Raleigh (6%)
  3. Salem (3%)
  4. Rocky Mount (3%)
  5. San Francisco (3%)

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  • 16-Oct,2019
    Voice mail

    Not had voicemail service for two weeks as of 10/15/19. CC is sending a different carrier SIM card.

  • 11-Oct,2019
    Voice mail

    No voicemail for 6 days now. Agents say it is a regional outage caused by AT&T tower updates. Time for a new carrier.

  • 03-Oct,2019
    Voice mail

    My voicemail won't retrieve my messages. I put in the code . Then there is a long pause. Then is says "Service not available. Goodbye.".

  • 01-Oct,2019
    Voice mail

    Voicemail seems to have reset itself as a new service... asking to set-up new voicemail account.

  • 16-Sep,2019

    West side of Cleveland OH there is NO service. Last night there wasn't even phone service. If I have to use the wifi in my car one more time to use my phone, I will be blasting my displeasure to the public. Thanks.

  • 10-Sep,2019

    No signal all day long. 185 St E 55372

  • 21-Aug,2019

    No service at all NY/NJ

  • 18-Aug,2019

    no cell service Ontonagon, MI

  • 08-Aug,2019

    Where is the log in?

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