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Faceit down today. (UTC timezone : 12:51:10)

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  • icee_lahp

    @esioLoL @dinkotv the devs updated the game with a newer Linux compiler so any Linux server is broken, it’s why all…

  • czcc12567677777

    man i take day off from work to gain elo and u 1000mil company cant just open q? @FACEIT @FACEITSupport…

  • mckrankystank

    @Pimp_CSGO I'd love to rip some Faceit with you! Would be so much fun... Only problem is it's kinda hard to get to Denmark from Canada 😅


    RT @FACEITSupport: A fix has been implemented and we've re-opened the EU premium queue only for now to monitor the outcome. If no further i…

  • Lukkai_1

    is faceit down??? i wanted to play but i just cant

  • werockinvesting

    @FACEITSupport time to hire more RU/UKA developers. Never saw faceit down for such a long time.

  • AshamanND

    @LouisVTitan My speculation is that it's on faceit somehow, but Tashi obviously can't (and likely won't tomorrow) t…

  • BunnyH0pps

    love how im waiting for a faceit match to start that never will bc the server is down idk what to do, it wont cancel. send help

  • wilfred_bergqvi

    @csgofanburton You realize that your favorite team still employs the rotting corpse of Xyp9x right? Not to mention…

  • sekoidd

    This is probably the biggest problem on @FACEIT can we just make it super hard for accounts like this to play face…