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  • 06-Nov,2020
    No Content At All.

    News has been down since evening if 11/3/20. Can’t load on either iPhone or iPad. Live in San Bernardino CA. What’s wrong?

  • 30-Sep,2020
    No Content At All.

    News down all day in California.

  • 16-Nov,2019
    No Content At All.

    Absolute f****** joke. You think they would have fixed this by now.

  • 14-Nov,2019

    No links.

  • 14-Nov,2019
    Log in

    No content at all. Fifth time this month. Why would I continue to pay money for this?

  • 13-Nov,2019
    No Content At All.

    Been happening all the time lately. What a joke.

  • 13-Nov,2019
    Feeder Unavailable

    Problem with server or network. Is it apple or my internet provider.

  • 31-Oct,2019

    Nothing works lately. Apple News is an absolute piece.

  • 12-Sep,2019
    Log in

    Articles not refreshing/loading. Connections to other apps no problem

  • 18-Aug,2019
    Log in

    Not updating and when I do click on a link it says story unavailable there may be s problem with the server. Tried reinstalling didn’t work

  • 16-Aug,2019
    Log in

    Not loading

  • 05-Aug,2019

    White screen. Been down for an hour