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  • No Connection
  • Log in
  • App
  • Watching Videos
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Most Reported City
  • Chicago (32%)
  • Anaheim (23%)
  • Ashburn (18%)
  • Peoria (18%)
  • La Crosse (9%)

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1 877-976-0711

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  • 29-Sep,2023
    No Connection

    Interent went down in Jacksonville, IL at about 9AM.

  • 30-Jul,2023

    Some sites load and others don't.

  • 13-Jun,2023
    Log in

    No connection in Rhode Island

  • 28-Mar,2021
    No Connection

    Morton, IL

  • 10-Mar,2021
    Log in

    I have no internet connection

  • 03-Aug,2020
    No Connection


  • 04-Jun,2020

    No internet connection

  • 01-Feb,2020

    On all devices, it says "connected, no internet" we have tried soft resetting, but no luck. We have not tried hard resetting because we do not know how to get into the app. Nor do we know what app to use.